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The Carrier Pigeon

The Carrier Pigeon are hand written "books" now in the rather fragile state that were written by a number of people in the 1880s.

Qutotation from "The Editor"

The Carrier Pigeon

Who thought I had started something new when I started doing an Editorial!  The following is the first Editorial from The Carrier Pigeon September 1879.

“I am told I must write an ‘Editorial’!!  Little did I think, when I took upon myself the office of Editor, of the publicity which it would give to my utter ignorance of the first elements of composition.  Ah! Queen Akerman!  Queen Akerman!  Would I had paid more heed to your instructions!

Dear Friends I throw myself on your compassion.


There are magazine and Magazines!  Some are mere receptacles for every tit-bit of scandal and gossip which can be got hold of, or still better, ……………….., and consist chiefly of columns of short paragraphs all beginning “Ive hear on good authority”, “On dit” or – for a variation – “They say”.  Some dealing low jokes and sentimental trash and inform the generally fair-reader how “with a look breathing eternal devotion, he gently pressed the tip of her dainty little shoe”.  Others go to the other extreme and, on the plea of  providing Sunday Reading for Christian Households, give us a collection of – very often -